Monday, November 21, 2011

Nana and Bob!

Catherine loves her Nana and Bob. Last Tuesday my Mom and Dad got to watch her while I was up at Weber State taking pictures. She feels right at home there. Catherine loves to look at the moon. When sweet Isabella was the same age as Catie, she was too fascinated with the moon. So, we always say, "Bob, where's the Moon?" My dad has taught us to appreciate the beauty around us and is now teaching his grandkids the same. Here's a little video of Bob showing Catherine the moon. Nana also got her picture taken with Catie as we left.

 This is Damian Lillard, AKA D-Lill in our house. He is amazing to watch play. I love college basketball, I am blessed to be on the court with these talented student athletes. I thought I'd share these since this is what I do as a side job. And some of my fave's from that night.

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